We Reviewed 31 Instagram Growth Services

Explaining The Grading Process

The Ascend Viral grading system is designed to help you make educated decisions about your Instagram growth.

Current Grades

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Here are the current grades and rankings of Instagram growth services.
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Instagram Growth Service Comparisons

Common Questions

Are there other factors that should be considered in addition to the five outlined in the videos?

Yes, there are various other factors that a potential customer should consider. You should look into the claims that the service providers make, search for user reviews, and ask the companies any remaining questions that you might have for them.

Why didn't you test the actual results of each Instagram growth service?

It would be nearly impossible to run an efficient, unbiased quality test of the 25+ businesses listed above. Many service providers sell fake followers, low quality followers, untargeted followers, and so on. Determining the quality of each follower would likely be too subjective, and we wanted this series to be as objective as possible. 

Why should unethical growth strategies be avoided?

Avoiding unethical Instagram growth strategies is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your account and avoiding penalties from Instagram. Using any kind of blackhat or unethical strategies can damage your account's reputation and ultimately hurt your long-term growth potential. It can also lead to account suspensions.

Why is knowing who runs an Instagram growth service important?

Knowing the owners of an Instagram growth service can provide valuable insights into their experience, expertise, and motivations. It also allows you to assess their credibility and trustworthiness, which is essential before trusting them with your account's growth. Typically, companies who openly violate IG's TOS tend not to reveal any team information.

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Deciding What's Best For You

Choosing The Right Service

What's the biggest factor in choosing the right growth service?

Before signing up with an Instagram growth service, it's important to feel comfortable with their methods and overall approach. This involves researching their reputation, understanding their strategies, and ensuring they align with your values and goals for your account's growth.

What if growth isn't what I expected when I sign up with an Instagram growth service?

This is why understanding the basic fundamentals of Instagram growth and Instagram growth service providers is important. Once you understand the foundations on how everything works, then you'll be able to determine what can be improved in your Instagram growth journey. 

Will this list regularly be updated as new service providers are introduced?

We plan to routinely update our "grades" whenever current growth providers noticeably improve their service. We also will keep an eye out for new service providers.

What additional benefits does Ascend Viral offer that were not mentioned in the videos?

There's a lot of things! We have our own customized dashboard that allows you to seamlessly interact with your personal growth assistant and monitor your analytics on Instagram. We created this with the help of OwlStat, a popular Instagram analytics software.