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We made Instagram growth really simple.

Just sit back, relax, and your Personal Growth Assistant will help your account gain organic Instagram followers.

Get the growth your Instagram profile deserves. We help you get real followers that are actually interested in your content.

Say goodbye to fake followers & harmful bots.

Ascend Viral grows your account without using harmful bots or fake followers. Our growth methods 100% comply with Instagram’s rules and regulations.

This means your account is safer & your results are more organic. Most other growth services will put your account at risk.

gain followers on Instagram
gain followers on Instagram
follow IG
follow IG
follow IG

Your growth is customized for maximum results.

Your growth is customized to your account, your niche, your content, and your location! We help find your real fans.

We believe in our service so much that if we can’t get you real followers every month, we’ll give you a 100% refund. 

Why Ascend Viral?

Ascend Viral has been one of the top organic Instagram growth services since 2016. Here's what sets us apart from the competition.

Truly Organic Instagram Growth

Our team of trained Instagram experts manually interact with thousands of accounts every month in order to gain you real, organic followers on Instagram.

Increase Your Engagement Naturally

We build your audience naturally so you get more authentic likes, comments, DMs, and customers.

Improve Your Account's Health

Our healthy growth strategies prevent your account from getting blocked or shadowbanned.

Protect Your Account's Safety

We use advanced encryption to keep your Instagram account information secure. We don't use third-party programs.

5 Day Free Trial on All Plans

Our Instagram growth is backed up by our 5 day free trial and our Real Growth Guarantee.


Risky "Organic" Growth Techniques

Our competitors claim to have "organic" growth, but they use harmful bots, automation, AI, or fake followers to boost your account. This can be dangerous.


Artificially Boost Your Engagement

Many competitors will send fake likes and comments to your posts in order to retain you as a customer.


Damage Your Account's Health

Using bots, automation, or AI can lead to your account getting banned, blocked or shadowbanned.


Put Your Account's Safety at Risk

Many competitors store and collect your account's private information on risky, overseas third-party programs.


No Free Trials or Guarantees

Watch out for Instagram growth services that don't offer a money-back guarantee or a free trial!

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gain followers on Instagram

Link Your Instagram Account with Ascend Viral

When you sign up with Ascend Viral, you'll be able to connect your Instagram account on our secure dashboard.


Meet Your Personal Growth Assistant

Your Personal Growth Assistant will then review your account and figure out the best way for you to grow.


Start Gaining Real Instagram Followers

Your Personal Growth Assistant will then start gaining you real, engaging Instagram followers. It's that simple!

The Best Way To Grow On Instagram

How We Gain You Real Instagram Followers


We analyze profiles to find the right match.

When you link your account with us, you’ll be able to tell us the kind of audience you’re looking for.

We then find the right profiles to interact with so you can gain engaging followers organically.

We follow real accounts that would be interested in you.

Your Ascend Viral personal growth assistant will interact with thousands of targeted accounts every month on your behalf.

Manually interacting with targeted accounts is the best way to grow on Instagram in 2023.


You get followed back by engaging & excited new fans

When people see your following notification, they’ll be very likely to give you a follow back.

This leads to real organic growth.

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50% Off Our Most Popular Plan

Gain organic followers with your new Personal Growth Assistant. Signing up only takes a few minutes.

Protected by our 5 Day Free Trial & Real Growth Guarantee

No Hidden Costs! Your Subscription Won't Ever Increase

100% Real Followers - No Fake Followers

Cancel Anytime! No Long-Term Commitments

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Turbo Growth


Was $399/mo
  • ⚡ Turbo Growth Speed ⚡
  • 600-1200 Monthly Followers
  • 100% Real Targeted Followers
  • Personal Growth Assistant
  • Monthly Content Reviews
  • Custom Analytics & Dashboard
  • Advanced Support
  • Coaching & Strategic Advice


Your New Instagram Personal Growth Assistant

It's time to replace your social media marketing department with a single, experienced Instagram growth expert.

Real Instagram Growth

Your Personal Growth Assistant follows & unfollows thousands of people every week to grow your account organically.

Authentic Engagement

Our growth methods can help build authentic engagement for your Instagram posts and stories.

Tailored Advice & Coaching

Our Assistants are expertly trained and will give you tailored advice and coaching if you have any questions.

Custom Analytics

Our Instagram dashboard allows you to easily interact with your Assistant and also monitor your account's analytics.

Advanced Targeting

We analyze your competitors, hashtags, location, language, and niche to find the right profiles for you.

No-Risk Membership

You can cancel anytime! Your subscription is completely protected by our 5 day free trial.


We help you build your fanbase.

Your Personal Instagram Growth Assistant researches your account’s niche, and then manually follows thousands of accounts that would likely be interested in your content.

Gain Better Viral Traction

Since we don't use harmful bots or automation, your account will be more likely to gain traction with Instagram's Explore algorithm, allowing you to go viral more easily.

Sell More Products & Services

Your account's safety and privacy is our top priority. Your personal growth assistant is a trained Instagram expert who will help you gain followers while respecting your privacy.

Get expert coaching, growth analytics, and more!

Your Personal Growth Assistant is your new go-to Instagram expert. If you have any questions regarding your Instagram growth, we will be happy to assist you.

You will also receive a powerful analytic dashboard so you can monitor your growth, adjust your settings, and message your growth assistant.


Grow your Instagram account quickly and safely. No gimmicks. Just results.

It's super easy to sign up and start growing.

Gain real followers without using harmful bots.

Increase your likes & comments organically.

Guaranteed results or your money back.

True Organic Growth

Boost Your Instagram Followers with Ascend Viral


Start Your 5 Day Free Trial

Get the growth your Instagram account deserves.
Signing up only takes a few minutes.

Starter Growth


Great for beginners
  • Normal Growth Speed
  • 400-800 Monthly Followers
  • 100% Real Targeted Followers
  • Personal Growth Assistant
  • Custom Analytics & Dashboard
  • Monthly Content Reviews
  • Advanced Support
  • Coaching & Strategic Advice
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Turbo Growth


Our fastest growth
  • ⚡ Turbo Growth Speed ⚡
  • 600-1200 Monthly Followers
  • 100% Real Targeted Followers
  • Personal Growth Assistant
  • Custom Analytics & Dashboard
  • Monthly Content Reviews
  • Advanced Support
  • Coaching & Strategic Advice
Limited Time Deal - Get 50% Off!
Celebrity Growth

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Starting at $999/mo
  • Customized Content Planning
  • Ideal for Celebrities & Influencers
  • 5000+ Monthly Followers
  • Real Followers Guaranteed


What makes Ascend Viral better?

There are a lot of options for Instagram growth in 2024; however, we think Ascend Viral is the best choice.
Here’s how we stack up next to the competition.

True Organic Growth
No automation or fake followers. Ever.
Interaction-Based Growth
Gain followers by interacting with thousands of people.
Personal Growth Assistant
Get your own Instagram expert to grow your account.
Real Growth Guarantee
A money-back guarantee if we can’t gain real followers for you.
Start a live-chat with us. Click the icon in the bottom right corner.
Instagram Compliant
Safe growth approved by Instagram’s Terms of Service.
Fast Set-Up
A quick & easy onboarding process once you sign-up.
Hashtag Targeting
Target new followers based on their hashtag usage.
Competitor Targeting
Target new followers based on if they follow specific accounts.
Location Targeting
Target new followers based on their posting locations.
Additional Benefits
Getting the proper guidance can help boost your Instagram account.
Personalized Coaching & Advice
Get tips & expert help at no additional cost.
Analytics Dashboard
Get valuable insights and powerful analytics.
Free Trial
Get started & try things out with a free trial.
Subscription Price
Our monthly subscription rate compared to our competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Click the chat icon to get in touch with an Instagram expert.

The Ascend Viral Personal Growth Assistant is your own dedicated Instagram expert that will grow your Instagram account.  Our Personal Growth Assistants are trained social media experts, and they are responsible for helping your account succeed on Instagram.

In addition to growing your Instagram account, they are here to help you if you have any questions about your Instagram growth.

For example, they can help you create a stronger Instagram bio, give you better hashtags to use in your posts, and advise you on your content strategy.

Ascend Viral is one of the few Instagram growth services that is completely compliant with Instagram’s Terms of Service. We don’t put your account at risk by automating or sending you fake followers.

We have dedicated Instagram experts that grow your account for you. All you have to do is post content on Instagram, and we’ll handle the rest.

Yes, your Personal Growth Assistant will need your password in order to grow your account. You are able to submit your password to your Personal Growth Assistant on our secure 256-bit encrypted dashboard.

We take extreme measures to protect your privacy and protect your account’s security. Your account’s sensitive information is safe with us.

If you are uncomfortable sharing your password, then Ascend Viral might not be the service for you. Please note that most authentic growth services will require access to your account to engage with others. We’ve noticed that most growth services that don’t require your password will usually send you fake followers to grow your account.

Every Ascend Viral growth service is backed by our Real Growth Guarantee™️, which states that if we can’t gain you real followers on Instagram, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

Our customer satisfaction is our top priority, so if you are unsatisfied with the service you receive, we will work with you to make things right.

Our Starter Growth plan is great for accounts that don’t require maximum growth or Instagram coaching & growth advice. We perform about 75% of the maximum daily actions allowed by Instagram. 

Our Turbo Growth plan kicks it up a notch, and we maximize your daily interactions allowed on Instagram to gain you the most followers possible. We also provide strategic coaching & advanced support for this plan.

If you are interested to learn more about the Celebrity Growth plan, please get in touch with us via the chat icon.


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Start Growing Organically

Your Personal Growth Assistant will then start growing your Instagram account! It's that easy!

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