Our Commitment to Ethical & Organic Marketing

We want to be transparent with you about our relationship with Instagram, Facebook, Meta, Tik Tok, ByteDance, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, or any other company mentioned on our website.

Ascend Viral is not affiliated with them. 

Last Updated: January 30, 2022.

Ascend Viral functions as a full-service digital marketing agency, similar to any other marketing agency you might hire for your website design, SEO campaign, or pay-per-click marketing efforts.

Our social media marketing services are no different than the services you’d find at a Fortune 500 marketing department. In addition to our Instagram services, Ascend Viral provides many other marketing services not related to Instagram growth.

Ascend Viral also creates various educational materials in order to educate the public on legal & ethical marketing tactics, and we never encourage anyone to violate any of the policies of any of the companies listed above.

In regards to our Instagram growth service, we are committed to being transparent about our growth process.

Ascend Viral does not:

  • Automate user actions to any degree. We do not use any kind of software, bot, or app to perform actions on Instagram’s platform.
  • Use Instagram’s API or any other “tool” to manipulate Instagram’s app.
  • Mislead other Instagram users by providing false engagement. All of the interactions that we suggest are pre-approved by our clients. Our clients reserve the right to reject or accept the actions that we manually perform on their behalf.
  • Promote spam or other forms of inauthentic interactions on Instagram.
  • Access Instagram through any automated or unethical means.
  • Scrape data from Instagram to any degree.
  • Encourage anyone to violate Instagram’s terms or policies.
  • Use any kind of  “app” or “free followers app” to gain results for our clients.
  • “Promise” or “sell” Instagram likes, comments, or followers.
  • Use “AI” or any kind of artificial technology to grow your Instagram account.
  • Condone stealing copyrighted works or trademarked content. We do not promote copyrighted content to any extent.
  • Host any software that violates Instagram’ terms on our server.
  • Condone, sell, provide, or encourage “giveaway followers”, “loop followers”, “fake followers”, “unethical DM marketing”, “automated story views”, “spam comments”, “spam likes”, “spam follow/unfollow”, or any kind of paid artificial boost to a user’s following. 
  • Guarantee any specific number of followers, likes, or comments for our clients. We do not sell followers or even “growth”, but we provide a service to help users manage their authentic interactions. Instagram growth is a natural byproduct of our service.

Ascend Viral does:

  • Manually interact with specific users (pre-approved by our clients) on their behalf in order to create authentic engagement and show our client’s interest with those specific users. Our strategies create authentic impressions and relationships between our client and their intended audience. We always encourage creating real relationships on Instagram.
  • Help and encourage users to create authentic relationships with other users on Instagram.
  • Encourage organic growth by creating valuable content, first and foremost. We believe that adding value to Instagram’s content ecosystem is always the best way to grow.
  • Provide tips and suggestions to improve an account’s profile appearance to seem more attractive & friendly to other users.
  • Provide ethical marketing tips and suggestions for our clients to implement on their behalf.

Ascend Viral’s only software utilized on our server is a 3rd-party analytics software provided by OwlStat that references specific information that Instagram has made public. Any questions or concerns regarding this software should be directed towards OwlStat.