Here’s a sneak peak of the media coverage & what other websites have said about Ascend Viral.


“Ethan Adams is a digital-growth hacker, content creator and new-media consultant. He is the CEO of Ascend Viral, a social-media marketing agency. His guidance has generated millions of followers, views, likes and comments for his clients, which include celebrities, influencers and brands.”


“I would recommend Ascend Viral if you are looking to gain more real Instagram followers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a personal brand or a business; they will help you grow your following in the best way possible and create great Instagram content.”


“I’d recommend, just dipping your feet, by picking the basic package and see the results for yourself. After 60 days, you will see the results for yourself, and then you can decide if you want to upgrade.”


“So overall, if you’re looking to gain followers on Instagram, I’d recommend you check out Ascend Viral. They’ve worked wonders with my account, and I’m sure they’d do the same with yours too.”

Trust Pilot

“I’m a big fan of Ascend Viral. I’ve used them to grow 4 of my accounts and I’ll continue to use them and recommend them.”


“Ascend Viral is innovating the way brands and individuals are gaining followers on Instagram.”

Android Tipster

“A good example of a growth service for Instagram that helps clients grow their following and generate sales is Ascend Viral. It is run by a team led by a very experienced guy I’ve known in the industry over the past few years.”

Dominate Gram

“Verdict: Ascend Viral is our #1 pick for gaining followers on Instagram. They’ve been a reliable IG growth provider since 2016.”


“Ascend Viral is a great and reliable tool to increase your Instagram followers. Moreover, it also acts as a personal account development assistant. In other words, this tool will help you target growth and engagement, taking your account to a new level.”


“The Instagram forum, which describes itself as “The Largest Instagram Marketing Community”, is based on a highly successful Instagram eBook and publishes only Instagram related content.”


“The best part about Ascend Viral is that they realize that every Instagram account is different and clients’ needs also vary. A growth manager assigned to your account will take into account your requirements and, within a few weeks, optimize the growth of your account. Ascend Viral interacts with thousands of people every week to make sure that your account grows organically. “


“I’ve been signed up to Ascend Viral for a few years now, and I’ve been blown away by the service. They have a wonderful team of professionals and they work hard to help you grow on IG. I’ve tried some of the other services (trusy, kicksta, etc) and Ascend Viral blows them out of the water.”

Good Reads

“Possibly the best reference on how to grow an Instagram account.”

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