We’re Making Some Changes

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to announce that we will be launching a newly redesigned website in the upcoming days. We will provide a further update when we have an official launch date. While most things will remain the same, here are some important updates:

The Ascend Viral Instagram Domination eBook will be made publicly available.

We’ve been proudly selling our Instagram Domination eBook since 2016. Our eBook is what launched this company, and we are so incredibly grateful for everyone who has supported us through the purchase of this eBook. It’s incredible that this thing has sold over 10,000 copies.

Due to the incredible content shared in our free Instagram course, there is not a lot of valid reasons why this eBook should continue to have a price tag. There’s not a strong incentive either for us to keep updating the eBook when the course is available.

If you recently purchased the eBook, and you’d like to receive a refund. Please contact our team, and we’d be happy to help you. With the newly redesigned website, the eBook will be available for free download in our Membership Area (free to join).

The Ascend Viral Affiliate Program will be getting phased out.

Our publicly available affiliate program will be getting phased out when the redesign is released. Due to the eBook no longer being sold, there’s not a strong reason to keep the affiliate program. We have had incredible and wonderful affiliates throughout the years that have promoted our eBook. We thank them. Their remaining payouts will be honored before the end of the program.

Unfortunately, the affiliate program for our Instagram growth service has been mostly unsuccessful. Due to the nature of the program, we’ve had issues with our affiliates producing low-quality content related to our Instagram growth service. We’ve had numerous issues with spam on platforms like Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram.

While having affiliates can be incredible in helping spread awareness for our company; the large majority of growth service affiliates use spam and deceptive tactics to spread our links, which goes against what we stand for in our Ethical Commitment.

If you see deceptive comments, links, or affiliate codes on Reddit, please report them to the subreddit moderator. If you see deceptive comments or videos on YouTube, please report them. If you see deceptive comments on Instagram, please report them. This is far from our first time making these statements, but we will say it again. We do not want anything to do with these affiliates. We also do not honor their referrals if we can trace them to any unethical method.

The current affiliate program enrollment sits at 13,996. That’s too much. That’s part of the reason we’re having this issue, and this is our fault. One of the “perks” of our free Ascend Viral registration was automatic enrollment in our affiliate program. While we only had good intentions with this; in hindsight, this was a mistake.

On our new website, we will only have hand selected affiliates that will properly declare their affiliate status with Ascend Viral. We will no longer tolerate or allow affiliates to promote our site without stating their intention.

Our message boards are updating.

We will be changing our forum software from XenForo to bbPress. This is being done to more seamlessly integrate our WordPress logins with our forum logins. All Xenforo accounts will be merged into WordPress accounts. While we anticipate most of the members, posts, and threads will remain intact, if you have sensitive information you’d like to save from your direct messages on our message boards, we’d recommend doing that now, as direct message information may be deleted during the transfer. We will send out an email a few days prior to the transfer to remind you.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

We only communicate with users on AscendViral.com.

This is a simple reminder that we will only contact users on our official website. We will also never ask for any sensitive information over email. We only accept payments on our official website (through Stripe and PayPal).

There’s been reports of people being contacted (via Reddit, primarily) by someone pretending to be an Ascend Viral staff member. Specifically, there’s been a user on Telegram that has been attempting to swindle people on Reddit asking for crypto payments in exchange for services. Ascend Viral does not have a Telegram account, and we don’t offer customer support anywhere besides ascendviral.com.

We used to be in possession of that account, but it was compromised months ago. When we were alerted of that Telegram account being compromised, we removed any reference of Telegram on our contact page. When our account was hacked, we went through the Telegram steps to reclaim that account, but we were unsuccessful. We have no reports of this affecting any Ascend Viral users. No sensitive information or customer information was ever stored on that account when it was under our possession. This user is simply attempting to use our likeness to swindle people via Telegram.

If you have an opportunity to report this user (on Reddit or Telegram), we would sincerely appreciate it.

Months ago, we listed various 3rd party contact methods (WhatsApp, Skype, etc) on our website. While these methods were listed on our site, nearly all of our visitor support queries were directed to our website’s Live Chat feature. When the Telegram account was compromised, we removed all of these other 3rd party contact methods on our site.

If you have any questions, please use the Live Chat feature to contact us.

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