We’re Making Some Changes (pt. 2)

Hello everyone,

In addition to the changes that we announced last week, there are a few other announcements that we’d like to make. As you might be aware if you’re reading this blog post, we’ll be launching a newly redesigned website. While most things will remain the same, here are some important updates:

We are repositioning our brand.

For years, we’ve been calling our personal growth assistant service an “Instagram growth service”. More recently, we launched our Instagram Growth Service reviews and rankings list. While making the list, our team has come to the realization that… Ascend Viral is very, very different from the majority of these “Instagram growth services”. We don’t really feel comfortable being compared to the vast majority of these services. Although Ascend Viral has always been a personal assistant service, it’s become more obvious recently that we need to distance ourselves from the majority of these toxic, unethical, and harmful services. Ascend Viral’s personal assistant service has always abided by the rules and terms of service agreements. The vast majority of “Instagram growth services” do not.

We don’t want there to be any confusion with our service, so we will be making a major shift to focus on “social media assistants specializing in growth” instead of an “Instagram growth service” with the upcoming redesign.

We are making some temporary capacity adjustments.

Since August 8th, we’ve had a banner displayed on our homepage indicating some capacity issues that we are facing. In the past two months, we’ve received nearly triple the normal amount of sign ups that we usually receive. It currently reads: “Due to high demand in August 2023, we’re running low on free trial spots. Please be patient as we expand our team and resources.” We expect a similar message to be posted until the new site is launched.

Due to the high demand, we’re temporarily integrating some of our support agents into the personal growth assistant chat system to answer any simple queries they’re able to answer. This is done to maximize the time our personal growth assistants can spend on your device. This will allow our personal growth assistants to handle more clients than normal during this temporary labor shortage. Keep in mind that these temporary support agents do not have access to any of your sensitive information. Only your personal growth assistant has access to this information. All advanced queries and content suggestions are still answered and performed by your personal growth assistant. The temporary integration of support agents will only last until the adequate number of growth assistants are trained to meet the new demand. We anticipate this will sync up with the new website redesign.

Once enough assistants are trained, we will return to normal operation. While we don’t anticipate this temporary change will have any noticeable difference for the vast majority of our clients, we still wanted to make this information public. We anticipate that this temporary change will only last a few more weeks. Instead of our normal rotation of personal growth assistants that are randomly assigned to new users, there will only be two assistants assigned until the redesign: Jay Morrison and Esha Patel. They will be training the new assistants and overviewing their actions and responses. Jay and Esha will be the point of contact for new users as we slowly integrate new assistants into our dashboard. We intend on returning to our normal operating procedure in the next few weeks.

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